Diabetes Research Center

UCSD/UCLA/Cedars-Sinai/Salk Supported by NIDDK

Recent Major Findings

DRC faculty members at UCSD, Salk, UCLA, LA Biomed and Cedars-Sinai represent a highly productive and diverse group of 105 accomplished scientists across broad areas of diabetes and metabolism research. These faculty have produced numerous impactful discoveries, as demonstrated by over 1500 papers since 2013, with 216 papers published in the Cell/Science/Nature journals, 48 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, 15 in eLIFE, 52 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in addition to several other high-impact journals.


In addition, our Research Base faculty have generated over $93 million in direct cost funding for diabetes and metabolism-related research per year over the past project period, including 90 R01 grants currently.


Our faculty have produced a number of substantial findings over recent years, most of which involved collaborative efforts and relied heavily on the DRC Biomedical Research Cores. These include the following.



These highlights serve as representative examples of the quality of the science and the nature of the collaborations that make up our Center.